Fluent Kit – Fluent Design web framework based on Bootstrap 4

Fluent Kit is the first Fluent Design framework for the web. Based on Bootstrap 4.

Fluent Design is a fresh and classy design system created by Microsoft, used in the latest Windows 10.

Bootstrap is a front-end framework for agile developers, taking most of the CSS chores off your back.

Fluent Kit takes both of them and combines into a single tool so that you can create uniquely designed websites, easily.

Headhesive Sticky Header

Headhesive.js creates an on-demand sticky header. Specify where you want your header to become fixed and the rest is magic.

[btn text=”Live Demo” icon=”link” color=”blue” link=”http://markgoodyear.com/labs/headhesive/”] [btn text=”Github Project” icon=”github” color=”black” link=”https://github.com/markgoodyear/headhesive.js/tree/master”]