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23 Stories by Sal

Headache-Free Moving Advice: 3 Steps Closer to a New Home

One summer night a man stood on a low hill overlooking a wide expanse of forest and field. By the full moon hanging low...
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Could we reinvent the charm of old cities?

Bucharest’s history alternated periods of development and decline from the early settlements in antiquity until its consolidation as the national capital of Romania late in the...
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Post materialism science and what it means for us

The equivalent French term expérience de mort imminente  was proposed by Victor Egger. As a result of discussions in the 1890s among philosophers and psychologists concerning climbers’ stories of the panoramic...
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Private collections of wealthy individuals

Early museums began as the private collections of wealthy individuals, families or institutions of art and rare or curious natural objects and artifacts. These were...
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In the area of modern Bohemia

The coat of arms of the Přemyslid dynasty (until 1253-62). Bohemia was made a part of the early Slavic state of Great Moravia, under the rule of Svatopluk...
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